Redesigning the Nonprofit Sector in Brief in R

A new era for NCCS

And a new Nonprofit Sector in Brief

How we did it

Parameterized output

NCCSDataYr: 2015
Figure1_2015 <- Fig1Table(2015)
Figure1_2015 <- Fig1Table(params$NCCSDataYr)
From `r params$NCCSDataYr-10` to `r params$NCCSDataYr`, the number of nonprofit organizations registered with the IRS rose from `r round(Table1_2015[1,2]/1000000,2)` million to `r round(Table1_2015[1,6]/1000000,2)` million, an increase of `r Table1_2015[1,7]` percent.

Using R to download the most current data…

core2015_pc <- getcorefile(2015, “pc”)

…and to save the results of analysis

write.csv(Figure1_2015, “Figures/NSiB_Figure1_Table.csv”)

Create all graphs using ggplot2

The finished product



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